Signs That Your Car Thermostat Is Broken?

Answer A car's thermostat allows coolant to enter the engine when the engine reaches normal operating temperature. The thermostat also allows warm coolant to enter the heater core, which allows the car's ... Read More »

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If when you turn the computer on it locks up in POST for longer than 30seconds you have a virus. This is basically a BIOS orientated bug that sits in the Master Boot Record of your hard drive. If h... Read More »

How to Remove Broken Thermostat Bolts?

The thermostat in an internal combustion engine opens when the cooling system fluid reaches a certain temperature. This action sends the coolant into the radiator, where the fluid is cooled and sen... Read More »

Signs & Symptoms of a Bad Thermostat on a Vehicle?

A bad thermostat can play havoc with a car's engine and its coolant system. Thermostats can malfunction for different reasons, but the most prevalent is when it loses its ability to respond to the ... Read More »

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