Signs That I Need to Change the Anode Rod?

Answer The health of your anode rod is of critical importance to the longevity of your hot water heater. The job of the anode rod is to be consumed, in order to protect the lining of your water heater fro... Read More »

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Which end of a diode is the anode?

Diodes have two terminals (ends): the P-Type end (positive charge end with the concentration of protons) and the N-Type end (negative charge end with the concentration of electrons). The positive e... Read More »

Definition of a Zinc Anode?

Zinc anodes are a type of zinc component used to help galvanize steel and other objects. Zinc as an element has very useful properties and is often used to prevent corrosion, or help other material... Read More »

Which section is the anode on a diode?

All diodes have a mark or line on one end to identify it as the cathode. The unmarked end is the anode. Internally, diodes are made up of a positively charge section (anode) and a negatively charge... Read More »

How to Replace Anode Rod in a Hot Water Heater?

Hot water heaterThis is a fairly simple DIY project.