Signs & Symptoms of an Engine Vacuum Leak?

Answer For an automobile to operate properly, an adequate amount of vacuum pressure must be present on the air intake side of the engine. This vacuum affects the careful balance of air and fuel that power... Read More »

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Signs & Symptoms of a Faulty Vacuum Pump in a Cummins Diesel Engine?

The vacuum pump in a diesel engine is used primarily to provide enough suction to provide the power brakes. In some engines it also provides power and suction for the A/C and ventilation systems. T... Read More »

Signs of a Vacuum Leak on a Truck?

The trouble with diagnosing a vacuum leak in your truck is that it can be coming from so many different places. It could be as simple as a cracked vacuum line or disconnected hose, or it could be c... Read More »

Symptoms of a Vacuum Leak in a Car?

An engine vacuum leak is a common vehicle problem that can produce a variety of mechanical and operational symptoms. By negatively impacting the natural engine vacuum pressure, a vacuum leak can se... Read More »

Nissan Maxima Vacuum Leak Symptoms?

A vacuum leak in a Nissan Maxima is caused by air infiltrating the engine. Instead of this air passing through the throttle body where the amount of air is regulated by the car's computer, the air ... Read More »