Signs & Symptoms of a Leaky Fuel Injector?

Answer Fuel injectors are more than simple nozzles used to spray gas into your engine. Injectors use a very fine needle and seat valve to meter fuel; if that needle valve gets bent or something goes wrong... Read More »

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How dangerous is it to drive with a leaky fuel injector?

On One Hand: Fire DangerA leaking fuel injector valve constantly dribbles fuel into the engine, and an externally leaking injector can drop fuel on hot exhaust manifolds. An external leak presents ... Read More »

Signs of a Clogged Fuel Injector?

Fuel filters usually do a good job of filtering fuel of impurities, but over time, they allow tiny particles to work their way into the fuel injectors, possibly clogging them and thus allowing too ... Read More »

Signs of Fuel Injector Problems?

Fuel injectors are the part of a vehicle's fuel system that actually sprays or injects the fuel into the engine's cylinders. Over time, fuel injectors can become either partially or completely clog... Read More »

Symptoms of a Bad GM Fuel Injector?

In order to run efficiently, your GM vehicle needs a proper ratio of fuel and oxygen for combustion. The fuel injector feeds fuel to the engine for this process. A number of problems can occur with... Read More »