Signs & Symptoms of Congestive Heart Disease & Heart Attack?

Answer Congestive heart failure is a condition that develops when the heart can no longer pump a sufficient amount of blood to the body's organs. It can be caused by numerous conditions, including a prior... Read More »

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What are some signs and symptoms of a heart attack?

Each year, approximately 1.3 million Americans experience a heart attack, reports the American Heart Association. About 34 percent of people who suffer heart attacks die as a result, which makes it... Read More »

What are the signs& symptoms of heart attack in women?

According to Women', one in four women who die each year in the United States dies of heart disease. As a woman ages, her risk for heart disease increases--but younger women can also be ... Read More »

Will an X-ray and blood work tell if someone is having a heart attack/heart disease/ or hear failure?

As I said to another of your questions, go see a family doctor. He/she can do a thorough workup and get you to any testing or specialist you need.Going to the ER & demanding tests isn't helpful. Th... Read More »

Heart Burn or early signs of a heart attack or heat stroke?

Get checked out by a doctor. That doesn't sound right. It's not heartburn (stomach acid).