Signs & Symptoms of Bad Motor Mounts?

Answer Motor mounts are extremely important vehicle parts that stabilize and align a vehicle engine inside the engine compartment. Although small in size and relatively cheap in cost, motor mounts can cau... Read More »

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What are the Signs of Bad Motor Mounts on a Chevy Truck?

Motor mounts support the engine and secure it to the frame, while allowing limited movement and absorbing vibration. Motor mounts typically consist of both metal and rubber components. Over time, ... Read More »

Signs & Symptoms of a Bad Blower Motor Resistor?

The resistor of the blower motor is responsible for transferring the electrical current that's required to move air through the vents of vehicle. Blower motor resistors can wear out; the blower mot... Read More »

Signs of Bad Engine Mounts?

Engine mounts are small parts that properly align and stabilize an automobile's engine. Several different symptoms can occur when engine mounts go bad---signs which are fairly easy to recognize.

What are motor mounts?

A motor mount's job is simply to hold the engine in the vehicle, while transmitting as little of the engine's vibration to the chassis as possible. Methods of absorbing vibration vary, and there a... Read More »