Signs About Volcanoes Erupting?

Answer The United States Geological Survey (USGS) scientists have developed an early warning system for volcano eruption called the USGC Volcano Hazard Program. This program operates in conjunction with f... Read More »

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The Best Erupting Materials for Volcanoes?

Volcanoes are one of earth's marvels. Volcanoes are mountains with an active core, which can erupt. Several materials can cause a volcanic eruption. Typically, gas and melted rock, called lava, mak... Read More »

How Do I Build Erupting Models of Volcanoes?

While the eruption of a real-world volcano is produced by the pressure of magma (molten rock) from below the Earth's crust, the bubbly, fizzing eruption of a model volcano is a product of common ho... Read More »

Fun Games to Learn About Volcanoes?

Fun games to learn about volcanoes can test a child's knowledge of the processes that cause volcanoes to erupt, a volcano's features, types of volcanoes and other geological events associated with ... Read More »

Intellectual Skills for Reading About Volcanoes?

Reading about volcanoes requires different intellectual skills at different grade levels. High school students will read at a much more in-depth level, for instance, than elementary school students... Read More »