Sight-Word Homophone Activities?

Answer Homophones refer to two or more words that sounds the same but are spelled differently and carry different meanings, such as "see" and "sea." Teaching homophones requires that students can distingu... Read More »

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Fry Sight Word Activities?

When students learn to read, they are often asked to recall high-frequency words such as "the," "of," "and," "a" or "to" by sight. Dr. Edward Fry developed a set of sight word lists that are compri... Read More »

Sight Word Games and Activities?

Sight words are words that appear in writing frequently enough that children should be able to read them automatically. They are often words that do not follow typical spelling and pronunciation ru... Read More »

Sight Word Activities for First Grade?

Sight words are commonly used words at the child's reading level that he recognizes immediately. Sight word activities in first grade give students a chance to practice those words that appear freq... Read More »

Sight Word Activities in Kindergarten?

Sight words, or high-frequency words, are words that readers should recognize immediately. They include words such as "can," "is," "come," "for" and "it." Once kindergarten pupils have learned how ... Read More »