Sidekick III...?

Answer here's a link on ebay where you can read reviews of them by ebay members

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Is the Sidekick Slide or Sidekick LX is coming out in other colors?

Heres what i found CG.The T Mobile side kick LX has two color options: · midnight blue and espresso brownAnd the Side kick Slide will come in a black deep purple finish. Side Kick LX ($299... Read More »

Wich is much better a sidekick slide or an sidekick lx?

What is the difference between the Sidekick 3& the Sidekick ID?

Smartphone users face a dazzling array of available devices and platforms, but some of these devices appear very similar to one another. Some devices, such as the T-Mobile Sidekick 3 and Sidekick I... Read More »

Is there a Sidekick 4?

As of April 2010, there is no Sidekick 4. T-Mobile's Sidekick lineup includes the Sidekick, Sidekick II, Sidekick 3 and Sidekick LX and several licensed sidekicks including the D-Wade Sidekick 3 an... Read More »