Side Effects of Under Eye Dark Circle Cream?

Answer Eyes creams that claim to eliminate dark circles under the eyes can sometimes contain strong chemical ingredients that can irritate the delicate eye skin. It is beneficial to become aware of the po... Read More »

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Homemade Under-Eye Dark Circle Cream?

Few things make a person look more run down than dark circles under the eyes. Whether a symptom of fatigue, illness or genetics, these circles can be a source of embarrassment. Several treatments a... Read More »

What are the side effects of elica cream Can I use this cream to treat baby's rashes?

yes you can I always use this for the rashes of my baby specially for the face. so far I haven't notice any side effects. & the good thing about this is it doesn't take long for the rashes to fade.

The Side Effects of Hydroquinone USP Cream?

Hydroquinone USP cream is used for skin problems. It lightens dark areas such as liver spots, birth marks and freckles, and many women use it to even out their skin tone. The cream has some side ef... Read More »

Hair-Removal Cream Side Effects?

Hair-removal cream is easy to use for both men and women. Hair on arms, legs, the bikini line and facial hair can be removed with these formulas available at your local drug store or grocery store.... Read More »