Side Effects of Nail Biting?

Answer Compulsive nail biting is an embarrassing, unsightly habit. People may bite their nails due to obsessive compulsive disorder, drug addiction, stress, boredom or habit. Nail biting not only leads... Read More »

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Causes & Effects of Nail-Biting?

Onychophagia, or nail-biting, is a compulsive affecting both adults and children. Compulsive nail-biting is a focused and repetitive behavior that destroys someone's own fingernails and sometimes t... Read More »

Dangerous Side Effects of Nail Salons?

Manicured nails are professional and sophisticated. They show that you take care of yourself and value the little details in your appearance. Many women visit nail salons for professional manicures... Read More »

Nail Biting Tips?

Onychopagia, more commonly known as nail biting, is a compulsive and repetitive disorder that focuses on the using teeth to bite the nail and surrounding cuticle. Nail-biting is quite common and is... Read More »

How to Overcome Nail Biting?

Nail biting, also called chronic onychophagia, is not only unsightly but potentially dangerous, with complications including viral and bacterial infections, yeast infections, and dental problems. A... Read More »