Side Effects of Collagen Supplements?

Answer Collagen is a protein that naturally occurs in bones, connective tissues and the skin of mammals. As aging occurs collagen begins to break down resulting in the loss of elasticity, thus leading to ... Read More »

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The Side Effects of Elastin & Collagen?

Collagen and elastin are terms that are much discussed in the beauty world. Every dermatologist's anti-aging treatment claims to support the production of it. Wrinkle creams contain it. But what ar... Read More »

What are the side effects of fish oil supplements?

Fish oil is a safe nutritional supplement that comes in the form of a capsule. A supernutrient rich in omega-3 fatty acids, fish oil has been effective in treating numerous health conditions, incl... Read More »

Side Effects of Fish Oil Supplements in Children?

Fish oil supplements are considered healthy because they contain omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). In children, fish oil supplements can cause side eff... Read More »

Benefits & Side Effects of Magnesium Supplements?

Your body needs magnesium for healthy teeth, bones and muscle development. Magnesium also regulates the level of calcium and other minerals, and according to the National Institutes of Health is ne... Read More »