Sick while taken tramadol x?

Answer Reduce the dose to 1- 2x daily.Or if you NEED it, 2 at night.Get of that crap ASAP though.Do NOT take it as a long term pain management drug, it's rubbish, and is easy to become physically addicted... Read More »

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Can i get in trouble for taken tramadol today an i have to report two days from now....ive never taken one but?

No you'll be fine - 2 days is plenty of time

I've just taken tramadol for a toothache and its making me extremely tired?

Is it the tramadol making you tired? Gargle salt and water and go see your dentist asap.@Additional details. Ouch thats painful....maybe you should go to a&e if its that sore. But yes I agree withe... Read More »

Im 13 and ive taken 8 paracetamols, will it cause any serious damage im worried sick... :(?

8 taken at once in a young person is potentially dangerous. As few as 22 have in the past proved fatal to an adult. The LD50, the dose expected to kill 50% of ingestors is only 295mgs/kg. Seek medi... Read More »

Can Dayquil be taken while pregnant?

I'm 35 weeks pregnant with the same question