Sick feeling while laying down?

Answer I would highly recommend a pregnancy test just to double check but if you haven't slept with any men or near men (I have heard of women being heavy sleepers & guys raping them in their sleep) then ... Read More »

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If two weeks after sex you are feeling sick after eating and you cannot smoke because it makes you sick could you be pregnant?

If you did not use birth control you may be pregnant, if you have also missed your period. However nausea is a symptom of so many things that on its own it does not necessarily mean you are pregnan... Read More »

Feeling like I have to pass out whenever I stand up after laying down?

Such head rushes are commonly caused by orthostatic hypotension as in…

Cut and feeling sick?

it's infected, that's why it's giving you a fever. the brown/ yellow is probably puss.

What if both of them is feeling sick?