Sick 24 hours after vodka..?

Answer you have a hangover bear with it. you will be ok

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Vodka makes me sick and I'm looking for a new drink, help?

Tequila sunrise, or maybe just wine. Both of them dont give me hangovers, im just usually a little dizzy in the morning haha. I also like codys, theyre abit gross if you dont like bourbon though. O... Read More »

What is this weird sensation I get after not drinking my vodka for the past 48 hours?

Three hours ago, I injected 2cc of Vodka (40% alcohol) into each testicle in an attempt to kill them.? did not...this is such an obvious cry for have to be anesthetized before you can do such a would have passed out from the pain of the needle,the genital... Read More »

If someone has 2 coronas and 4 shots of vodka in a 2-hours time span, is that casual or problem drinking?

Then stay away from this one, even if he doesn't have a problem by definition he is working on it. Hook up with someone who holds the same ideals and interests you have. Please don't "lower" you ... Read More »