Shy girl in preschool?

Answer I've had one of those before. She didn't speak at all the first time she was there. The next time she came, though, I spent about fifteen minutes stacking blocks with her during playtime, and bef... Read More »

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1980s.Girl with HIV refused at preschool?

That's so sad. The girl's name was Eve Van Grafhorst. She died in 1993 when she was 11 years old.

A 23 year old girl still goes to preschool and plays with talking Care Bear dolls - What do you think of her?

By "still" you mean that shes attending preschool not teaching it, so I think that she has a mental disability, extremely lazy to go to a higher grade, or trying to get attention.

Why does your preschool age girl get recurrent fevers with no other symptoms She has had bladder infections as an infant. Could this be related?

Have you ever wondered what preschool kids would be like if they listened to Korn at preschool?

They would be more hyper than they are already