Shrubs for Windbreaks?

Answer Windbreaks established in a multi-row design create a protected zone around your farmstead in the opposite direction from wind currents, according to the North Dakota State University website. On t... Read More »

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How to Plant Windbreaks?

Windbreaks offer you multiple benefits; they provide savings on home energy costs, can help control erosion, stop blowing and drifting snow and serve as habitat for wildlife. You can begin with a b... Read More »

How to Use Windbreaks to Reduce Home Heating Expenditures?

For houses in open spaces or rural areas, wind can create a cooling effect on the house. This effect causes a rise in the use of heating fuel, which raises the cost of home heating. Building a wind... Read More »

How to Dig Up Shrubs?

Shrubs can seem to take on a life of their own when they are invading other flower beds or lawn areas. Shrubs like the Japanese Barberry, autumn olive, wintercreeper and multiflora rose are conside... Read More »

How do i cut shrubs?

Trim down shrubs to a height of six inches when first planted. Use long-handled pinking shears to cut large sections of shrubs away, during the beginning of spring. This allows the plant to recover... Read More »