Shrubs That Produce a Red Dye?

Answer Plants and shrubs were the first source of textile dyes. In all cultures, spinners and weavers used native flora to provide color to their handiwork. Although chemical dyes provide a more uniform a... Read More »

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Shrubs That Scratch?

Shrubs with thorns can cause painful scratches if they are not handled with care. Many shrubs grow thorns as a self-defense mechanism, keeping animals that would otherwise feed on them at bay. Dens... Read More »

Shrubs that deer won't eat?

Here's a list rated by deer resistance. Keep in mind, you can't stop a hungry animal.

Plants & Shrubs That Stay Small?

Keep landscaping plants and shrubs small by planting dwarf and low-growing varieties in cases where you need keep them from spreading out of control or blocking features of your property. These shr... Read More »

Flowering Shrubs That Grow Upright?

Shrubs are one of the main components of landscaping. Shrubs look best when planted together in mass plantings, rather than spaced out in an area. Plant shrubs in areas with space to accommodate th... Read More »