Shrubs That Are Easy to Keep Alive in Albuquerque?

Answer Located in the heart of New Mexico, Albuquerque has an arid climate that poses many challenges to gardeners. Heat, low humidity and periodic drought all affect what shrubs can be grown effectively... Read More »

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How can I keep florist bought flowers that are already wrapped, alive, fresh and not drooping?

Trim the stems. You can do that with the flowers in the wrapper. Put them in water and keep them away from sun or drafts. They will be fine.good luck

How can I keep my motorcycle "alive" when I have to keep it sitting somewhere for a while?

You don't need fuel stabiliser or a battery charger. Just cover the bike up and it will be fine next time you start it up. A month is nothing. Don't even bother starting it up.

Easy care front landscaping shrubs in new york?

For a front yard I would go with boxwood-they are neat tidy green bushes that keep they're leaves all year.I live in Illinois zone 5. Yews also are nice. Spirea's are nice but they loose their leav... Read More »

Shrubs to keep flys away?

Portuguese Sundew (Drosophyllum lusitanicum)can capture large flies.… Sweet Basil. Site with interesting discussion about using Basil, etc. to get rid of f... Read More »