Shrubs Poisonous to Dogs?

Answer The University of Tennessee defines the shrub as being "a woody plant that's similar to a tree." However, it notes that shrubs generally do not grow as tall as trees, making that one of their notic... Read More »

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(UK) What common garden plants & shrubs are poisonous to dogs?

If you go to there is an enormous list, way too long for me to list here of various plants and shrubs which are poisonous to dogs. Included are Laburnum, Azalea, Cherry Laurel,... Read More »

Is styrofoam poisonous to dogs?

Styrofoam, whether in peanut, brick or other packaging form, is considered to be toxic to canines. However, in most cases, the styrofoam cannot be digested and will cause intestinal blockage, which... Read More »

Are Begonias Poisonous for Dogs?

Begonias are popular flowers that many people grow in their homes or gardens. However, dog owners must ensure the safety of their animals if they have begonias within easy reach. Begonias are consi... Read More »

Are paperwhites poisonous to dogs?

According to the ASPCA, paperwhites (Narcissus papyraceus) are poisonous to dogs. All bulbs in the narcissus, or daffodil, family are toxic not only to dogs but to all mammals. Typically forced ind... Read More »