Shrimp pasta recipe..............?

Answer Margarita Shrimp(This is a basic, easy to make, delicious recipe. I also make a margaritashrimp recipe using a beure blanc sauce and add into that, but this one is a lot easier and quicker)1 lb. C... Read More »

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Pasta salad from ina gar ten where can I find the recipe for a pasta salad with angle hair pasta, tomatoes,bas?

This is probably the recipe you're looking for:…It looks delish! (:

How to Make Pasta With Shrimp and Mint?

Do you want to make a delicious meal one that everyone will enjoy? Do you want to Impress someone with cooking skills that may or may not exist or do you just want a new pasta recipe to try? Well S... Read More »

Best recipe for chicken pasta?

This is a wonderful pasta dish, served with white wine. I use Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles because they hold the sauce and chicken very well. This is a good choice for a dinner party.Chicken with G... Read More »

Best recipe for macrone or pasta?

pick your favs:mac & cheese: -noodles (any shape, any size) -mozerella cheese cook pasta. drain & put cooking pan. sprinkle mozerella cheese all over noodles. (optional: breadcrumbs & parmesean che... Read More »