Shower or bath?

Answer shower to clean - bath to relax in hot water.

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Can you install bath/shower faucet as bath only?

On One Hand: It's Certainly PossibleAccording to Corvallis, Oregon based general contractor Mike Byers, you can easily install a bath/shower faucet in a bathtub-only setup. Since you have to toggle... Read More »

How often do you have a bath/shower?

I live in upstate new york/bordering canada and I take a shower everyday, if I take a shower in the afternoon on say a saterday, I'll take another late shower in next day (lazy weekend) unless I we... Read More »

How often do you bath/shower a day!?

Which is better a bath or shower?

Actually, a lot of your answerers are only half-informed.All the scrubbing in the shower won't do much good if you don't soak beforehand, and all the soaking in the bath won't do much good if you d... Read More »