Show that the conditional statement is a tautology without using truth tables?

Answer (p→q)Λ(q→r)As "→" is transitive we havep→rso[(p→q)Λ(q→r)]→(p→r)is the same as(p→r)→(p→r)Which is a tautology (true no matter what p or r are). A statement always implies its... Read More »

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What was the game show that had contestants tell the truth for money?

Does the Game Show Network plan to show the old black and white programs such as What's My Line To Tell the Truth etc again?

Jack Berry until his death in 1984 Jim Peck occasionally substituted for him and also for host Bill Cullen who replaced Jack Barry after his death

Was there a show called That 60's Show that preceded That 70's Show?

no , i don't think so but i'm pretty sure there is a that 80's show or something like that but it got cancelled b/c no one watched it :(

How to Get Rid of Tautology?

Tautology refers to an unnecessary repetition of language. When you make a tautological statement like "added bonus" you are saying the same thing twice. These stylistic errors can weaken your lang... Read More »