Show location of contact on iPhone?

Answer you have to jalibreak it and use the spoofapp to do it ,,dats the only way rite now unfortunately

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On the app ipet for iPhone or ipod touch how do you show your location?

when you first open and use this software it will ask you if you would like iphone to use your location, if you click yes, it definitely will show your location, and if you click no , then it would... Read More »

What kind of repair person would you contact to move a dryer vent to a more appropriate location?

A handy man could do this for you but you need to consider what quality of work the person does.You get what you pay for.If you want to get the job done correctly then you need to contact a home ap... Read More »

Can someone find your location from your iPhone?

Where is the location of the studio for the new Dan P Direct TV Show?

No, the truth is Directv will push to have a phone line so they can keep track of pay per view's and for anti-piracy reasons. They might even go as far to say it will not work correctly or you will... Read More »