Shouldn't everyone face the face that eventually we are all going to die...?

Answer I believe this is an exellent question. But more than that, I think you've already answered it even better. I mean, you are totally right about people not willing to take risks and live fully. I pe... Read More »

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Everyone talks about the Eiger north face. Has the south face ever been climbed Any info?

O Eidenschinck and E Möller, both of Munich, made the first successful ascent of the south wall (I am not sure from looking at topos that it can be called a "wall") in two days in summer 1937.

If you met some of the people that are rude to you on here, face-to-face, how would you react?

I have a stalker who likes to create new accounts when her old gets deleted. She's been following me around for a year telling me my sons look gay. It doesn't bother me. I do think it's sad that... Read More »

What difference does it make that radio is not face to face?

The disadvantage of not being face to face is that you don't get an immediate reaction to anything you do or say. However, you will know eventually (listening figures!).The big advantage is the int... Read More »

Can you put any fruit on your face that can make your face glow lol No it's not funny.?

ok...well egg white isn't a fruit but it tightens the skin so it doesn't look saggy.bananas do the same. avacado has lots of good moisturizing elements.strawberries with baking soda make ur teeth w... Read More »