Shouldn't a woman pregnant with her third child be showing by 32 weeks gestation?

Answer Answer Not necessarily, if she is very fit with good muscles she may not. Or if she is very overweight it may not be obvious.

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If a man and a woman who are not in a relationship accidentally get pregnant and decide upon adoption but the woman last minute decides to keep the child is the father still responsible for child supp?

Answer He can be if she goes to court and names him in a paternity suit.

If a woman had intercourse 3 weeks before period date and it has been 2 weeks since without a cycle starting are they pregnant?

Answer The only way to know for sure is to get a home pregnancy test. They work.

Why am i showing at 5 weeks pregnant?

At the five-week stage of a pregnancy, it can seem a little alarming to a woman who feels that she is "showing" too early. However, in truth, it is unlikely that she is actually showing. It's more ... Read More »

Is it normal to be showing at 12 weeks pregnant?

Yes, it is normal to be showing at 12 weeks pregnant. Typically women start showing between their 12th and 24th week of pregnancy. Also, with second and third pregnancies women tend to show sooner ... Read More »