Shoulder popping! Am I damaging it further Help please?

Answer The orthopedist is a high end opinion. The chance of doing something worse long term is very minor. Do more strengthening at home with surgical tubing, ask at your next PT appt. Rest, NSAIDS, and s... Read More »

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Am I going to damage my shoulder further Help?

Well if it slips out and pops back in you could be damaging your cartilage and possibly stretching your ligaments furtherso be sure to do your strengthening at home too and not just at PTasking you... Read More »

Hi, i want to break my i-pod without damaging it. please help.?

If you break it you will damage it....Why would you want to break your i-pod???

Please help me with my wrist It's popping. What do I do?

Wrap it and take shark cartilage, glucosamine and lots of water for 6 weeks. Don't move it too much

What is wrong with my wrist Popping and catching Please help?

Sounds like you taxed your wrist and broke the areas related to keeping your wrist aligned. You may want to see an orthopedic surgeon related to the injury which might need surgery to correct the m... Read More »