Shoulder Broadening Exercises?

Answer Shoulder muscles are very important to our overall level of fitness and health. The shoulder supports the head and is crucial to everyday movements like pulling and pushing. Having broad shoulders... Read More »

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How to Do Shoulder Exercises in Yoga?

These exercises engage your shoulder muscles using a variety of poses and movements.

Isotonic Shoulder Exercises?

"Isotonic" exercises are those that contract your muscle against a constant load. In layman's terms, isotonic exercises are those that use weights. Isometric exercises, on the other hand, involve m... Read More »

How to Do Good Shoulder Exercises?

These exercises engage and exert your shoulder muscles by giving you a variety of options to choose from during your workout.

List of Shoulder Exercises?

Shoulder exercises help to strengthen a group of muscles called the deltoids. Strengthened and toned shoulder muscles help balance the body. Such conditioning supports upper body strength. Most sho... Read More »