Should your parents be allowed to see you without clothes at my age of 13?

Answer Only if it is to keep you heathly.. for example if you need your mom to look at something because your scared or whatever the case may be then yes. But if they are just looking at you without it be... Read More »

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Are clothes hangers allowed on airplanes?

Clothes hangers do not appear on the TSA's list of prohibited items as of July 2010. However, airport security could consider them to be sharp objects. It would be safer to bring plastic hangers i... Read More »

When parents get angry are they allowed to hit you?

No technically they are not. You are allowed to report such an act and it will be considered child abuse. Prosecution and charges are possible if felt necessary and the person hit was a minor. If y... Read More »

Should Parents Be Allowed to Have Facebook?

If you're that bothered then you can add her to your Limited Profile section, that way she can't comment on your status etc &can only see certain things. You need to tweak your privacy settings if ... Read More »

How old were you when your parents allowed you to wear make up?

when i was 13 my parents let my aunt take me to the clinique counter and get my first makeup. i still remember what i got too. i got pretty pink eyeshadow, navy blue eyeliner, and a pale pink lip... Read More »