Should your meal be for free if you see a mouse in the restaurant?

Answer I wouldnt eat the food for free anyways if there was a mouse in the restaurant...

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Which would you rather eat A delicious home cooked meal or a 5 star restaurant meal?

that is a loaded question, would love to take my girlfriend out to dinner any time she wants, and then at times make and have dinner together at our home sitting by the fireplace listing to some ni... Read More »

What is your favorite meal to order when you are at a Restaurant Diner Deli?

Mornin Scooter, Hugs on yer Sunday.I love seafood so that's what I usually go forShark SteakSwordfish SteakCrabLobsterBut my fave meal of the whole year is at Thanksgiving, and that's for at home. ... Read More »

What is your favorite full service chain restaurant and what is your favorite meal there?

Hmmm..... Wendy's for the chibatta ham and swissJack in the box for the sourdough swiss jackBurger King for the Whopper and friesPerkins for the potato pancakesDenny's for the coffee and pieOutback... Read More »

If you have a mouse in your house do you try to catch it and set it free or...?

i usual catch the mouse with a harmless mouse trap and then i would let the mouse free in a big paddock or something. nothing living in this world should die because of someone's dislike. everythin... Read More »