Should your dog be allowed to sleep in your bed?

Answer Some dogs are warm and cuddly, and love nothing more than sleeping in their owners' beds at night. Others are fidgety and do not make good sleeping companions. Whether you allow your dog to sleep i... Read More »

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Should your parents be allowed to see you without clothes at my age of 13?

Only if it is to keep you heathly.. for example if you need your mom to look at something because your scared or whatever the case may be then yes. But if they are just looking at you without it be... Read More »

You want to go out with your friend but she's not allowed to date what should you do?

If it was me, I would respect her/her parents wishes and wait until she wants to/can date you.

Should you sleep on your back for a titration test?

Sleep technicians use a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) titration test to determine the air pressure necessary to keep the patient's airway open and prevent symptoms of sleep apnea. The ... Read More »

How long should you sleep when your a baby?