Should your child walk dog at night alone?

Answer no

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Should your child be alone at night?

Probably not. If they are at least 16 maybe they could be. But any younger isn't too safe. At least if it's overnight. edit: but i think that if they are 14 it's okay even thirteen is okay but un... Read More »

Should twelve year old be left alone all night when he feels very uncomfortable being alone?

No. Not providing appropriate care and supervision for a child constitutes child endangerment, the basis of the factors that can be used to declare a parent unfit. It is unsafe for a child of twelv... Read More »

What is the age for a child to walk alone without adult?

There isn't an age limit but most parents won't let there children walk alone until there about 11. But it is really there parents choice

What is the legal age for a child to stay home all night alone in SC?

13 to 14 years old should be find just make sure the y have your number a baseball bat and tell them if someone breaks in call the police