Should your child like being smacked or spanked?

Answer Can't really answer. It is not usual. It would be strange behavior.

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How to Tell If a Child Gets Spanked at a Daycare?

While a parent might feel spanking is appropriate in some situations, most parents are not comfortable with a daycare center spanking their children. It is important for parents to know when their ... Read More »

Who is the soccer mom that gets her butt smacked in the direct tv commercial?

Why shouldn't kids be spanked?

It is a very strict way of punishing and it is plain wrong. Hurting someone should not be the answer. Instead, do time outs and privilege take aways.

If the legal guardian of a child let the child visit his mother and she does not return the child how do you get the child back?

Answer Contact the local police and request they accompany the guardian to the residence where the child is located. This is not an ideal solution, however a court appointed guardian is responsible... Read More »