Should your child be alone at night?

Answer Probably not. If they are at least 16 maybe they could be. But any younger isn't too safe. At least if it's overnight. edit: but i think that if they are 14 it's okay even thirteen is okay but un... Read More »

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When you invite a child to spend the night whose responsibility is it to bring and pick up the child from your home?

you need to be 9 or older says the law book and the 14 year old law is bull crap they got rid of it last year

How to Put a Child to Bed at Night?

Bedtime is a time for hugging, talking, and reading together with the child. It is also a time for a child to tell their parents what they had done during the day. If a child is too young to talk, ... Read More »

How old does a child have to be left all night?

About Child Night Lights?

Night lights can be an inexpensive, effective way to help children feel more secure at night. For some children, that soft glow in the corner of the room is enough to keep the bogeyman away. For pa... Read More »