Should your 10 year old sister wear a mini skirt to school?

Answer no way too young

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How to Wear a Mini Skirt?

Mini skirts are fun fashion items. They're never really out of fashion and they keep on returning as a feature piece every few summers. They're not for everyone, but for those who enjoy them it's w... Read More »

I have this really mini skirt and i dont know what to wear under it GIRLS ONLY PLEASE?

Women that wear a mini-skirt have no complexes and make better girlfriends?

well its not totally true, because 99 percent of woman hate something about there body , and a girl who weres a mini skirt may really like her legs but hate her top half,and then a girl who weres o... Read More »

What to wear with skirt Help school is tomaroooooowwwww?

Tank top, skirt and vans is always a solid combo :) makes a chic look hot, if you are dressing to get some looks go for that :)