Should you worry about a temperature of 103.1?

Answer Yes, especially if this is a child. Call your pediatrician right away.

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Should we worry about swine flu?

On One Hand: Swine Flu Resembles Seasonal FluSwine flu, technically called the H1N1 virus, first appeared among people in Mexico in early 2009. This strain of influenza is a respiratory virus that ... Read More »

Should i worry about this ?

we only had anal sex, baby..I told you it's nothing to worry about.

Should I worry about heartburn?

On One Hand: Why Heartburn HurtsHeartburn often arises from conditions that prevent the sphincter, which is the "door" between your esophagus and stomach, from staying closed. This allows acidic st... Read More »

Should I worry about my bite?

Clean the area with good old soap and water. Pat dry and apply some antibiotic ointment. The purple indicates increased blood flow to the area.If the area enlarges or starts having drainage in th... Read More »