Should you wear pantyhose with a dress for a formal dinner?

Answer On One Hand: It's Only ProperMany women believe that you should wear pantyhose with a dress to a formal dinner. For generations women have been donning pantyhose, especially in the colder months of... Read More »

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What color pantyhose should I wear with a short red dress?

Wear a light suntan color....something that's not to pale, but with a little bit of tan color....Make sure they're sheer!Will look GREAT!

What is the dress requirement for a formal dinner on a Carnival cruise?

While you can wear a tuxedo on formal night, it is not required on Carnival Cruise Lines. For men a sports coat, collared shirt and slacks are acceptable. For women a casual dress or skirt and nice... Read More »

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What makeup to wear with a purple formal dress?

Wow thats a beautiful dress. I would say, start with a light brown,shimmery eye shadow and pack this onto you're eyelid. Build up a dark purple into the crease of you're eyelid and then apply a thi... Read More »