Should you wear high heels on the first day of school?

Answer On One Hand: Look your bestOn the first day of school you want to look your best. Wearing high heels on the first day of school can give you inches of added height and great looking legs. According... Read More »

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How to Wear High Heels (for Men)?

High Heels are shoes that is mostly worn by women, Although most girls wear High Heels, some high heels are also worn by men. Well, If you're a man and would like to wear high heels, this is where ... Read More »

How to Wear Red High Heels?

Here are some steps on how to wear those red shoes sitting in the back of your closet.

Why do people wear high heels?

They will deform your feet. But they slenderise ankles and strengthen pelvic floor muscles and give you a more feminine figure.

Do you ever wear heels higher than 4" if so how high and how often?

Every day. I don't own any shoes with less than a 4" heel, and they are lugged sole, chunky boots to wear in the rain, snow or muddy conditions. All the rest of my shoes are higher than 4", most ar... Read More »