Should you water outdoor plants before a cold front?

Answer yes

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How do I keep outdoor plants growing when it gets cold?

Recycled MaterialsPurchase heat-retaining plant material such as water walls to place around each plant. Save milk jugs, juice cartons, yogurt containers and clean with soap and water. Remove the l... Read More »

How do I water outdoor container plants with play pool?

Water Container PlantsFill the child’s play pool with plain water, untreated with pool chemicals, and allow the children to play. In the late afternoon or evening take a bucket or watering can an... Read More »

How do I use plastic bottles to water outdoor plants while on vacation?

Prepare the BottleThoroughly rinse a two-liter plastic bottle with warm water. Punch or drill a hole in the cap. Screw the cap onto the bottle firmly. Cut off the bottom of the bottle and save the ... Read More »

Do plants grow better with warm or cold water?

it depends on the climate that the plant lives in but mostly warm and humid weather is good