Should you wash African violet leaves?

Answer African violets benefit from having their leaves rinsed off with tepid water or the same fertilizer/water mixture, when I water my African violets they get a total shower every time I water them (t... Read More »

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How to Clean African Violet Leaves?

African violets are lovely in the house but they can become grimy and dusty over time. There is a very simple solution to keeping the leaves in top shape.

Why Won't My African Violet Leaves Lay Flat?

African violets (Saintpaulia), while neither African nor violets, have been common house plants for generations. These freely-blooming plants range in size from miniatures that are only a few inche... Read More »

Indoor Plants That Have Leaves Similar to an African Violet?

Subtropical and tropical by nature, African violet leaves are typically cup-shaped with soft, raised areas between the veins, giving the surface a "quilted" appearance. You can find indoor plants w... Read More »

How often should african american women wash their hair?

I wash mine every week. I use to do it every two weeks but I would get a lot of hair breakage because of that. Now that I wash my hair once a week I never have dandruff and my hair breakage has sub... Read More »