Should you use plastic fuel tanks on boats?

Answer On One Hand: The Benefits of PlasticPlastic fuel tanks are ideal for using on any water-borne craft, because they are resistant to rust and corrosion from most chemicals. Plastic fuel tanks are lig... Read More »

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Plastic Vs. Aluminum Marine Fuel Tanks?

The right choice of marine fuel tank is crucial for proper and cost-effective, long-term boat operation. Several different types of fuel tanks are available commercially --- the two most common bei... Read More »

What type of plastic is used to make diesel fuel tanks?

Plastic diesel fuel tanks are made out of polyethylene. Polyethylene is a durable plastic that is resistant to gasoline and diesel. Polyethylene plastic tanks will not corrode or rust over time and... Read More »

Styles of Air Breather Vents for Gas Tanks on Boats?

Air breather vents are built into all internal combustion gas tanks, whether they're found in cars or boats. When gas is pulled out of a gas tank, air has to be let in otherwise a vacuum is created... Read More »

How to Repair Plastic Gas Tanks?

Small plastic gas tanks come equipped on lawn mowers, weed cutters, snow and leaf blowers, chainsaws and even in some small boats. Plastic cuts down on weight and resists corrosion such as rust and... Read More »