Should you use a condom during pregnancy?

Answer YES and NOMy answer to you sweety is YES and No depending on if the man you'll be sleeping with is the father of your baby or a long term boyfriend you have had, you see whilst pregnet a mans semen... Read More »

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Is group b strep hereditary I had it during my pregnancy will my sister have it during her pregnancy?

I had group b during my first pregnancy, but negative on my second and third. Weird huh?! It's not hereditary. It's something that comes and goes on it's own. Now it's something that they take care... Read More »

If you had sex 2 days ago but the condom burst you stopped taking the pill about 4-5 weeks ago you took a pregnancy test and it came back negative how long should you wait before you take another test?

Should pineapple be eaten during pregnancy?

Pineapple contains an enzyme called Bromelain which can act as a blood thinner. It is best to eat in moderation.

Why should you avoid caffeine during a pregnancy?

Caffeine and Miscarriage Even though the role of caffeine in infertility is murky, the best reason to quit is that it is proven to cause problems when you finally get pregnant. Even with low doses,... Read More »