Should you un-plug the refrigerator when you go for a long vacation?

Answer leaving refrigerator on while not home At a vacation home tenants leave refriderators on a month or two before returning home you should be just fine.

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How long after laying down a refrigerator from moving can you plug it in?

Don't plug it in for atleast 24 to 48 hrs after moving it in the laying flat position.

Do you turn off refrigerator on vacation?

If there is any food in the refrigerator, this would be a very bad idea - the food will have gone bad, since the temperature in the refrigerator would reach room temperature in a couple of days. If... Read More »

Using a DC-AC Plug-In Converter to Run a Small Refrigerator?

A DC to AC plug-in converter can be used to power things such as a laptop or other electronic item in your vehicle. There are small appliances, such as microwaves and refrigerators, that can also b... Read More »

Can a refrigerator and 120 volt dryer plug in same outlet?

Refrigerator outlet must be separated from any electrical devices. If the outlet is being shared it can cause current shortage and current surge that may damage the internal components of the refri... Read More »