Should you un-plug the refrigerator when you go for a long vacation?

Answer leaving refrigerator on while not home At a vacation home tenants leave refriderators on a month or two before returning home you should be just fine.

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When budgeting my pay check, how much should I put away into vacation and long term savings?

Make an effort to save at LEAST 10% every paycheck. Save up about 6 months of living expenses, then start investing. See for calculators and rate info that will show you how much y... Read More »

How long after laying down a refrigerator from moving can you plug it in?

Don't plug it in for atleast 24 to 48 hrs after moving it in the laying flat position.

How long should you wait before connecting a new refrigerator?

If you have bought a new refrigerator you can plug it in, set the temperature control to "normal" and switch it on as soon as you have unpacked it from its box or shipping materials!Before putting-... Read More »

I drank for 8 days straight on vacation, pretty aggressively. How long should i ideally wait to booze again ?

You seem to be well off so taking a few days should be of good use. Do all the nutrition and hydration stuff and after a a few days get back to the drink.