Should you turn off your computer every day.?

Answer Well turning it on and off every day or several times a day for that matter is terrible for your computer. Every time you turn on your computer you send a large surge of electricity through your sy... Read More »

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Is it okay to let your computer be on all the time or should you turn it off every night?

I turn my computer off at night to clear the sites I have been on and it clears the cache too. This helps if your computer starts running slow. I did find the site below that is too cute. Check it ... Read More »

Should I turn my computer off every night?

Turning it off is a good idea. This will reset all running processes and help to prevent your motherboard from burning out.

Should I turn I computer off every night?

The longer a computer stays on, the longer it builds up dust inside, which can reduce cooling efficiency of the cooling fans. Heat buildup can destroy the electronic components, especially memory a... Read More »

Is it bad to turn off your computer every night?

Nope, save the power for something else. But you should try to turn your computer ON and OFF just once a day. Your brother is only partially right, and here's why.Most of the components are te... Read More »