Should you tip when you are purchasing take out or to go food?

Answer YES! if you're going to a restaurant that you would normally sit down at, as in all the chains that now offer a "to go" option. The designated take-out server doesn't make as much as the regular s... Read More »

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When purchasing automobile insurance, what should I consider?

On One Hand: Consider State LawEvery state has a different law regarding auto insurance. Check with your state insurance department to get the current regulations. It is important to know exactly ... Read More »

What criteria should you bear in mind when purchasing a smartphone?

What factor should you consider when purchasing a photo printer?

I think you should consider what kind of ink the printer take? how expensive are the replacement cartridges? is the ink water resistant? Is the ink fade resistant? Are the colors divided into cyan,... Read More »

What factors should you consider when purchasing a digital camera?

Resolution.A cameraÂ’s resolution is affected by pixel count and compression. Pixels are tiny building blocks of color in your images; the more you pixels you have, the clearer and more rich your i... Read More »