Should you tip an ignorant waiter/waitress?

Answer Ok. It's true that waitstaff gets paid below minimum wage and depends on tips to make their living. That being said -- They KNOW they have to depend on tips. They KNOW if they aren't friendly th... Read More »

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Why are parents so ignorant?

Reminds me of something I saw recently on Facebook."I'm gonna get rid of my computer cos I don't need to Google anything any more.I've got a kid that knows everything."3 and 6 are classified as ess... Read More »

How to Not Be an Ignorant Tourist at the Beach?

Get real - keep it clean.Ever see an ignorant "first-timer" tourist doing things that are obviously either "wrong" or improper at the beach? If you know them personally, then direct them to this ho... Read More »

Why are so many people ignorant to cancer?

People are not educated enough on the subject.

What can i do about ignorant forum authorities?

First, this is way off-topic.But in any case their sandbox, their rules.If you don't like it, you don't have to play there. And you are free to create your own.