Should you tip an ignorant waiter/waitress?

Answer Ok. It's true that waitstaff gets paid below minimum wage and depends on tips to make their living. That being said -- They KNOW they have to depend on tips. They KNOW if they aren't friendly th... Read More »

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Why are parents so ignorant?

Reminds me of something I saw recently on Facebook."I'm gonna get rid of my computer cos I don't need to Google anything any more.I've got a kid that knows everything."3 and 6 are classified as ess... Read More »

What can i do about ignorant forum authorities?

First, this is way off-topic.But in any case their sandbox, their rules.If you don't like it, you don't have to play there. And you are free to create your own.

Whats the most ignorant thing someone has said to you since being a mum?

Formula is poison. Spanking doesn't work for any child and it's abusive. You shouldn't breast feed in public. Vaccinations are bad for your child.If I was in your friends' shoes, I would have to... Read More »

How to Not Be an Ignorant Tourist at the Beach?

Get real - keep it clean.Ever see an ignorant "first-timer" tourist doing things that are obviously either "wrong" or improper at the beach? If you know them personally, then direct them to this ho... Read More »