Should you tell your mom you are pregnant?

Answer If you are like 30, it is totally up to you. If you are a teen, you need to go have a talk soon. You aren't going to be able to hide it forever. I have known teen girls with big round bellies still... Read More »

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If you are 17 and just found out your pregnant how should you tell your mom if you know she will bug out but she got pregnant at the same age what should you do?

Answer Tell her right away so the two of you can figure out what to do early, waiting can only make it much worse.Start off by saying mom I have to talk to you, I've made a terrible mistake.. and ... Read More »

Should your 13-year-old friend tell her parents she is pregnant and should her baby's father tell his parents?

Answer In my opinion, I believe both sets of parents should be told. They're going to find out sooner or later and it would be best to find out now wether they are going to be supportive. Most li... Read More »

Should you tell your boyfriend you may be pregnant?

Telling Boyfriends about pregnancy Yes, you should keep your boyfriend informed about your menstrual cycle. If you miss a period tell him. Both of you should work together to avoid sex when you are... Read More »

If you are 14 and your 13-year-old girlfriend is pregnant should you tell your parents?

I think you and your girlfriend should sit down a forst of all discuss what you want to do keep the baby have an abortion or put the baby up for adoption then when you have made a decision your are... Read More »