Should you take your iPad 2 out of the case when you charge it?

Answer We do not know what is wrong with it. Take it to the store and ask for an estimate

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Will a rubber case and a smart case for ipad 2 fit onto the ipad 2 at the same time?

My charger is not charging my iPad and my iPad has no charge but the charger is charging my friends iPad 2 what might be the problem?

Take your iPad the Apple Store, They may be a Problem with the 30pin Connecter on your iPad.

What is the best case for iPad 2?

Some people think that the iPad Smart Cover is the best case for the iPad but, in my opinion, I like the more durable cases like the Otterbox Defender cases.

Will the iPad 2 case fit the iPad 3?

Yes, the iPad 3 is only .6mm thicker. iPad 2 is 8.8mm and iPad 3 is 9.4mm .