Should you take viactiv if you are pregnant?

Answer Answer You should call your OBs office, as everyone of them is differnt. You really should take a PRENATAL vitamin more than anything else. If you are pregnant and not yet on those, you should st... Read More »

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What vitamins should you take to be pregnant?

First of all if you are a guy, nothing is going to help. second of all, vitamins don't get you pregnant, go have a long talk with your mother.if you are a woman trying to conceive, folic acid and ... Read More »

If im pregnant should i take out my tongue piercing?

yesThat's a personal choice. There's no real reason to remove your tongue piercing just because you're pregnant.

How much omega 3 should one take while pregnant?

On One Hand: Recommended Dose for PregnancyThe Food and Drug Administration recommends that pregnant women have up to 12 ounces of low-mercury fish per week. Low mercury fish includes shrimp, light... Read More »

Should you take medicine when you're pregnant?

Not unless it is prescribed by a doctor who KNOWS you are pregnant. That includes over-the-counter medications.