Should you sue the owner of the car that hit you or just the driver?

Answer Answer Not usually. The majority of insurance companies accept the change valid at the time of the request. Even if it changes the premium amount.

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Can the owner of a vehicle get insurance if they are not going to be the driver?

Yes, I recently bought me insurance and they asked if I was going to be the driver or not.

How much can an owner-operator truck driver earn?

According to The PayScale Report, truck drivers who work for themselves average $35,809 to $85,854 as of May 2010. Employers include companies that pay $35,571 to $55,099; the federal government, w... Read More »

Is the owner of a vehicle in Nevada required to be a licensed driver?

No, technically, you do not need to be a licensed driver to legally own a vehicle in Nevada. However, you cannot drive your vehicle unless you have a driver's license. According to the Nevada Depar... Read More »

If you are the owner of a car can your parents insure it and put you as secondary driver to save money?

Answer Yes, they can. It might vary by state and insurance company, but if your parents insure it, and put you as a secondary driver, and one of them as a primary, it is legal. The problem is usual... Read More »